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You been getting hate from fans ever since you started dating Harry. Even though you thought that all of it will blow over but no it gotten worse till one day Harry found you crying.
(Your P.O.V)
The hate has gotten worse since I started dating Harry, yes Harry Styles from One Direction. The thing is we been friends since we were babies and Harry finally gotten the guts to ask me out a bunch of time till he asked me to be his girlfriend.
The hate was just little cause I was just his friend. People saying that am ugly or a slut, but now it's worse then that, they are all saying that I should kill myself or I am just using him for money, which I am not. Some are nice to me but I know they hate me secretly.
Harry always tells me not to listen to any of them because they are jealous of me and I mean who wouldn't.
Anyways I am Y/N Y/L/N and I am dating Harry Styles of One Direction and I been getting a shit load of hate from his fans.
It was a sunny morning when I woke up al
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Zayn Javadd Malik :iconcandykorn1:Candykorn1 7 0 Superman is here! Louis Tomlinson :iconmanayuky11:ManaYuky11 11 2 Me and my girls :iconslipknot012345678:slipknot012345678 6 2
Niall Changed me Chapter 9 - Asking Sofie to Prom
Chapter 9 – Asking Sofie to prom
Liam and Zayn went to the store to get the balloons. We got blue balloons with a letter on each balloon spelling “Prom?”  while Harry and Louis got 20 scented vanilla candles. Niall went to get a suit for the prom. After that they all met up in the house.
“Ok Harry we got everything you wanted, now what’s the plan?” Niall asked.
“Ok so we’re gonna light all the candles on her driveway spelling “PROM?” and the balloons are going to be on her doorstep. When she sees you hand her the rose.” Harry smiled. It was a great plan.
“Wow that’s actually good!” Niall responded.
“One problem….what if she sees us putting the candles?” Louis said.
“Well….she needs a dress so send her to buy a dress….” Liam suggested. Liam texted Sofie to by a dress and the excuse was that he and the guys were going to hang out later at a party. Surprisi
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Niall Changed me Chapter 6 - Embarrassing Day
Chapter 6 – Embarrassing Day
The weekend was over and I was sad. It was back to school. When I got to school everyone was talking about prom and dates. Prom was this Sunday.
“Hey Sofie who are you going to prom with? Or are you just staying home like a loser you are” Chelsea chuckled.
I got so mad I pushed her.
“EW NEVER TOUCH ME!” she yelled.
“Maybe I do have a date.” I screamed.
“Who would date you. Your daddy” She laughed. It really hurt since my dad left me.
“Then who?”
“NIALL!” I screamed in the top of my lungs
Everyone laughed “You are that pathetic you think Niall would go to prom with you. Wow” Chelsea said almost crying of laughter. It sounded better in my head.
All day people were pointing laughing at me and calling me names. I asked to use the bathroom to cute deeper then ever.
After school the bus ride was humiliating because Lexi was asking me stuff about him and tea
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Niall Changed me Chapter 7 - Finding Out
Chapter 7 – Finding out
“Hey Sofie! Ready” Niall said opening my door.
“Yes I’m totally ready to meet the guys!” I said happily.
When we got to the pool house I saw the guys.
“Hey you must be Sofie! Niall wouldn’t stop talking about you” Louis blurted. Niall blushed.
“Ahh the famous Sofie” Zayn replid.
“Hi Sofie! Want any snacks?” Liam offered.
“Um no thanks” I said
“Niall has been talking about you a lot.” Harry giggled. I blushed.
“Lets just get in the pool.” Niall said all embarrassed.
All the guys jumped in accept me. I didn’t want to get my wrists wet so all the make-up would come off and the guys would see my cuts.
“Come on in Sofie. No need to be scared.” Harry called.
“No thanks…I don’t know how to swim.” I stated.
“Finally someone like me” Zayn chuckled.
“I’ll teach you” Niall offered.
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me singing
me singing a part of the song Kiss You - One Direction .. it's 4:00 when i recorded the video and i dont wanna fall asleep so if there's any mistake just skip it ..
and now it's 4:34 i dont wanna sleep 
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The One Direction part1 my pov
This is my first story so their might have some spelling ,and quotation  problems .So ya hope you like :)
One day i was jogging around my park and i bumped into someone " are you OK " I heard. i looked up and saw Zayn Malik from one direction he help me up "ya".He said he was sorry and grinned at me,it made me blush. Zayn asked me what my name was I said it was "Alejandra Salas","Nice name" he said, so we just walk along each other side finding more things in common, "Can I have your number" Zayn asked i told him "ya" i got out my phone witch was designed with yin and yang symbols "Nice phone"said zayn. "Thanks here" I gave him my number and walked away from each other. When i arrived home my little sister was home that meant that all her stuff was at her new house. When i went inside she was like jumping off the walls or something "why are you excited" i asked she just hopped if front of me and s
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Hey guys!! It's me :iconhouseofanubisrocks15: and I want you guys to please my fanfiction chapter 1. It's my first ever fanfiction so please no hate. Feel free to comment any tips and to help me to write better! Thanks ♥

Here is the link - houseofanubisrocks15.deviantar…

~ :iconhouseofanubisrocks15: ♥ C:
You had a crush on Harry for a very long time and not a fan-girl crush like Directioners a real crush. Your bff Tracy was dating Ed Sheeran and they were going out for Nandos later at around 3:00 pm. *Ring ring* “Hello?” you said “Hi..Toni..uhhh it’s me Harry and uhhh….want to go out for Nandos….double date with Ed and your friend Tracy?” Harry’s shaky voice called. “Um yeah sure. See you later” you said in excitement. Harry Styles wants to take you out for Nandos! It was 12:00 so you only had 3 hours to get ready. You took a warm shower and after you put your hair up in a small pony tail with a salmon colored polka dotted bow. You decided to go simple and wore a salmon colored sleeveless shirt that said “Free”. Your pants were white skinny jeans following up with salmon colored converse. Your eyes popped out with eyeliner and mascara but not to much. You were wearing light pink eye shadow and blush with shinny sparkly lip-gloss. As you walked outside it was 2:45 pm and Harry was waiting. He was wearing the cutest bowtie. He smiled and said “You look great.” And you replied with a smile. After you guys got there you met Ed and Tracy there. As you sat down and looked at the menu you felt someone was staring at you so you looked up. It was Harry.  “Um what’s wrong?” you asked. “Nothing you just look so beautiful.” He said with a smile. “Aw thanks” you blushed. Soon your food was here and you guys ate. Harry was looking at you again. “What’s wrong…again???” you giggled. “Nothing I just can’t stop looking at your beautiful face.” He smiled. Soon you were inches closer to his lips and before you knew it your lips met.

Imagine for :icontracypalafox:
Hope you like it C:
Today was your big day. In less than an hour you were going to be Ms. Tomlinson. You were wearing the most gorgeous wedding dress ever! It was sparkly and up to your knees. It wasn’t that long.  Your hair was down but braided on top like a head band ( Like this… ) Your makeup was light. You had a tad bit of blush and you eyes popped out with grayish eyeshodow and clearish pink lip stick. You looked gorgeous. Your bride maids Perrie Edwards, Danielle Peazer, Lottie Tomlinson, and Fizzy Tomlinson were wearing aqua blue shortish dresses with there hair in a side bun. Daisy and Phoebe Tomlinson were the flower girls. They wore the most cutest white dress with gold beads on the bottom and a bow in the middle. “You ready Shane?” your dad called out. “I guess so” you replied. You were quite shy. You heard the music play and you knew it was time. Louis looked amazing. His smile lit the whole room. Your arm linked with your fathers and as you passed the aisle all you can see was Louis. When you got to him he whispered “You look great.” In a few moments you were…Mrs. Shane Tomlinson <3

Imagine for Shane :icon ShaneAPhantomhive:
Hope you like it C:
Your stomach had been hurting a lot recently and you thought you were just sick but after awhile it was getting out of hand so you went to the hospital. “Hey doc my stomach has been hurting recently and I don’t know why?” “Not a problem let me just check you up” After about 20 minutes she came back. “Devin…your not sick at all…but…. your pregnant!” “WHAT! PREGNANT!” you called out. “This cant be real.” You screamed out. “Yep 100% positive. Not sure if it’s a boy or girl but in a few weeks it will be clear.” “Thanks doc” you walked out the hospital. How can this be? She was the best doctor in London.  I mean you were kind of happy but scared. You went to go call Harry. “Babe guess what. I’m pregnant.” “WAIT WHAT!” “Yeah we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. I’ll find out soon though. Harry had to go because it was time for the show so you called your parents. They were so happy! You guys went shopping for toys, and diapers, and other stuff. After a few other appointments it was getting clearer. The next appointment wasn’t far and you wanted to know so badly. “Devin” the nurse called “The doctor is waiting for you”  Your hands were shaking. “Hey Devin! Sit back. This won’t take long.” After about 5 minutes she can see the baby clear. “Your going to have a…..GIRL!” It was music to your ears! After the appointment you went shopping for the cutest cloths and crib and pacifiers. Soon it was time. Harry skipped a few days of the tour to see you and your new baby. “Ahhhhhh” you screamed! It hurt so much! Harry held your hand and kissed you on the forehead. “Its ok babe” he said in his to die for British accent. “Ahh” you screamed again. In a few moments the baby was out. You and Harry cried at the sight to your new very little girl. “What’s the name.” the doctor asked. “Darcy. Darcy Styles” you both answered. “Your not my princess anymore Devin.” Harry said “What? Why?” you replied in confusion. “Darcy is my little princess, and you are my queen.” Harry responded. You wouldn’t wait to live a wonderful life with Harry and Darcy.

Request for Devin :iconalltimelowlover4:
Hope you like it C: <3
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